Netizen security works with the most modern stations in order to provide high quality services and receive and push signals of its security systems.

Once the central station operator receives a burglary signal or an attempt of sabotage notifies directly the police and the subscriber or anyone who have requested to be informed.

Indicatively some of the benefits of the signal receiving centers that we work with are the following:

  • Burst signal and particularly from which point (area) of protected area comes from. 
  • Expiration signal alarm.
  • Arming and disarming the alarm system with user recognition.
  • Signal for arming alarm under threat.
  • Signal for medical assistant.
  • Fire alarm signal.
  • Checking for proper operation of telephone line (TEST). 
  • Restore or recovery signal after a telephone line problem.
  • Alarm signal in case of effort finding the keyboard code.
  • Exclusion zone signal when arming the alarm.
  • Disconnect siren signal.
  • Problem or short-circuit wires zone.
  • Problem or power outage (220V) and reset.
  • Checking of system’s battery status every 24 hours.
  • Fall or disconnection of the battery and then log back on or reset.
    Loss of central unit’s real time and reprogramming.
  • Sending statements to the subscriber of signals obtained from the alarm system.
  • Subscriber’s update in case of non-arm of the system after the end of the working hours.
  • Recognition in case of disarming alarm beyond office hours.




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