General safety tips for your home.

You can easily discourage a thief making his work both difficult and time consuming. The more you delay a burglary the greater the chances of catching the burglar and in most cases he will move to another easier target.


All exterior doors should be armored either by solid wood or by aluminum with steel bars.

Exterior doors without glass should have wide "eye" to identify visitors or CCTV.

If you do not have armored front door then placing additional reliable security lock is necessary.

Replace the locks if you have recently moved home.

If you have secondary doors (service etc.) they should be reinforced with iron bars and additional security bolts.

Skylights, ventilation grilles and dormers should have strong portcullis from the inside.

Always lock the doors when you are inside at night and when you are away.

Ask the current locksmith that serves you the specific identity or his recently certified license to verify his reliability as well as his business and technical training.

Homeland Security during your Absence

An alarm system should be installed and be in excellent operational and maintenance status.

You should know the full operation of the security system and test it on a regular basis.

You should activate the alarm when you are going to be to a place where you won’t be able to control the rest of the house.

Always remember to activate the alarm before leaving the house.

You should be able to use the remote management of the security system and CCTV as well as reliable connection to the monitoring station.

All valuable items should be placed in an embedded in the inside wall safe and protected by a security system.
Specific lights in the house should be activated in case of alarm.

You shouldn’t post in social media that you’re away from home on vacation.


All windows should be secured with auxiliary locks or special mechanisms.

Auxiliary keys should be immediately available at a predetermined place for use in case of an emergency.
If there are no auxiliary locks as mentioned above, windows should secure additionally with calipers and pins.

Positioning of auxiliary locks should permit ventilation while providing extra security.

Placing magnetic contacts on windows should allow security by alarm even if the windows are partially open.


Emergency phone numbers of the monitoring station should be informed.



You should always know the shortest access to your home, the peculiarities of the region, the most appropriate way for heavy vehicles (fire) and all of them should be notified to the ARC and the responsible authorities during an event.

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