Fire Detection 

One of the most important areas of buildings security, whether is a home or a commercial area, is early recognition of fires. Important role in this have the fire detection systems.


Although previously mobilization to extinguish a fire was based on luck and if someone promptly understood the outbreak of fire to press the specific button and notify (usually by phone) the fire department, now the process has been automated, especially in large buildings.


The notification is done by automatic fire detection systems, whose operation ensures constant surveillance with a high degree of reliability.


For this reason, the installation must take place under specific legislation that specifies exactly the requirements of each area depending on its dimensions, its use and the number of people who use it. In certain cases, however - and whenever deemed appropriate according to the circumstances - you need other than minimum system specified by the existing legislation, to put some extra detection units. In our country, the buildings fire protection issued regulate by related 1988 Presidential Decree (PD 71, Government Gazette 32A / 02.17.1988).

The installation company should have knowledge on these issues to help with effective management of facilities, operating advisory and additional systems where appropriate, while using their skills to reduce the cost if installation time and helping to improve their preventative maintenance procedures. All this can be achieved without compromising the level of security and often their implementation contributes to improving the degree of safety and better operation of fire alarm systems. 

Fire Extinguishing


The fire suppression system is a fire alarm system mounted so as to control specific high fire risk areas such as kitchens, boiler rooms, computer room. All the automatic extinguishing systems are monitored by a central automatic extinguishing panel. The order for flooding the space with extinguishing gas can be given either automatically (after confirmation of the incident from two detection zones) or manually. In every installation are also the required indications of alarm and pre-alarm and also a button for manual cancellation of extinguishing order.

At areas where we have no direct access or visual contact and at areas of high risk fire event its use is necessary either this comes from each owner being sensitive or by legislation based on the protection of life and property. 



Installation is done by certified workshops with certified technician and is determined by the amount of space, the type of materials, that may be flammable, and by flooding material.Bonpet


What is it?

The automatic fire extinguishing system BONPET is a harmless high-tech product and the result of many years of tests at universities in Japan in collaboration with the army. The evolution of the chemical formula continued in Europe by chemical engineers making liquid BONPET one of the strongest extinguishing materials in the world.



The BONPET ampoule, contains 600 ml of chemical liquid in tightly closed glass ampoule with glass thickness of 1 mm and dimensions Ø 80 x 280 mm, total weight 1030 g, and is not under pressure (not containing propellant gases).


This solution is not harmful, does not contain toxic substances that would constitute a risk to health, contains no harmful substance for Ozone, while when using the fire equipment decomposition products are produced (GAS) which are not harmful to humans, animals and the environment, which has been certified by the part of the institutions and European laboratories that made inquiries. (Hygiene Institute des Ruhrgebiets Germany).


How does it work?

Its AUTO mode is based on the chemical composition of the solution that contains and is unique worldwide. When a fire breaks out and the temperature rises, the chemical extinguishing solution into the glass ampoule begins to heat and produce gases so gradually begins expansion. When the maximum pressure resistance of the glass ampoule is reached, the glass breaks and the chemical extinguishing liquid diffuses by spraying. The ampoule will turn on automatically when the temperature of extinguishing liquid containing reaches 90C. This occurs when the temperature around the ampoule exceeds 120C, which is the usual temperature of a burning compartment.



When the BONPET liquid contacts the fire, at first produces cooling shedding heat load below the flashpoint while decomposition products (GAS) are generated which locally bind oxygen and produce dioxide thereby breaking the fire chain. It should also be noted that the only material that has a second action in extinguishing fire, as wherever the material drops after the ampoule is activated it leaves a thin layer of foam that its chemical composition does not allow the re-ignition of the fire.


The ampoule is placed very simply and easily by screwing the bracket available (with two screws) always horizontally and covers an area of ​​4 m² is 8 m³ for class A fire (solid materials) and 44x44 cm for fire class B (Hydrocarbons).


It causes no damage in machinery and electronic equipment and leaves no residue such as dust. It is not harmful to health, contains no toxic substances.

Fire Detection

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