Netizen Security is an official reseller of Panasonic products, which features a wide variety of telecommunications systems and can cover all your needs for communication.

Our goal is to provide you with an uninterrupted mode with the lowest cost.

Its technical department consists of highly trained certified technicians in all systems of Panasonic.

We can implement big and smaller VoIP projects, bringing tomorrow's technology today, lowering costs for your business.

Our company offers complete services to its customers, both before and after sale, perfectly adjusted to their own specific needs. Thanks to our professional staff and accumulated know-how, we can propose the best technical and economical solutions, utilizing the full range of Panasonic products along with telecommunication services, and to implement all required applications. Making real Netizen Security’s commitment for user friendly systems, Panasonic IP Telephone systems can be easily used even by someone who has no knowledge in the field of IP, providing advanced features that change the corporate and personal communication with the rest of the world.

Panasonic’s network telecommunications platforms are advanced telecommunication solutions, which are designed to enable companies to improve and simplify communications in their offices, integrating software applications that enhance their productivity.

Solutions designed to meet the constantly differing needs of each business with flexibility on movement in the office using DECT Wireless devices, to advanced applications that combine computers with telecommunication systems, with many Web applications and common infrastructure which supports companies with geographically distributed office locations, giving users the ability to talk with their customers, wherever they are.

Additionally, the connectivity of mobile phones as an internal system enables those who are in constant move to have permanent connection with their office.

They also have a built-in ability to cooperate with the ever-growing list of SIP telephony providers, offering dramatic cost reduction communication.

Contact us for the multitude of call centers and solutions we provide.

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