Why should I put a security system?

Don’t wait to become a victim of theft to decide to install a security system; the alarm is one of the cheapest ways to prevent a burglar. The majority of burglars, before breaking into a house, check the level of security. The existence of a system is enough to deter and to force them to look for another place to break, saving you a lot of trouble. Consider that a security system can cost less than a reliable armored door and cover the entire space.

How to choose a security system?

Address to a large established company of the field and select a security system according to your own needs and not a ''copy paste'' that any one man show installer would suggest.

Talk to a specialized consultant that will assess the needs of the house or the building based to a specific vulnerability questionnaire. As all technologies are constantly evolving so do the security systems. Ask for an update from the security consultant on issues such as perimeter coverage, wireless emergency buttons, uninterrupted communication with the monitoring station and remote management.

Should I choose wired or wireless security system?

Wired or wireless security system? This question is of concern quite often, when we are thinking to put a security system in our house. A security system could be wired or wireless. The choice between a wireless or wired alarm is not simple, because both types of alarm have both their strengths and weaknesses. You should therefore be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of each type, to finally reach the one that best meets your needs.

Wireless Alarm


The installation of a wireless alarm is fast enough since no cables need for the components to be connected (magnetic contacts, radar, siren, keyboard etc.) to the central unit, because the communication is done by wireless signals.

The installation can be done by the final buyer himself without special knowledge and with the help of technical manuals of products.

The wireless alarm system can be easily moved in case of removal. If you are planning to move, you can remove the wireless alarm and take it with you to your new home without much fuss. Wireless alarm enables you to add additional equipment on the existing one in case you want to expand the place system or even change the location of the detectors with greater ease.


Wireless alarm function means that you should check periodically the batteries condition of all sensors because they may have run out.

Generally, the degree of efficiency of a wireless alarm is raised when there is a well-designed study, which should calculate the largest possible number of potential violations, measurement of interference to radio frequencies and features a combination of security measures.

How important is the maintenance of the security system?

It is a common assumption that security systems protect our property and our physical safety. An alarm upgrades the security of an area, something which you surely know if you have invested in such a system.  So when you have the foresight to install an alarm, it is advisable to care for the proper functioning of the system! With a simple check each year and maintenance every second, we can be confident that our system provides the full potential. What signs to look for:

Battery control of the central unit for the proper functioning of the alarm even in case of power failure. The siren battery control is equally important for its functioning.

Siren and central unit battery replacement every 2 years.

Check of the communication with the alarm receiving centre.

The siren battery control is equally important for its functioning.

Check of the keyboard for smooth management of the system.

Check good functioning of motion detectors and magnetic contacts to give alarm in the event of invasion.

Check of important areas of operation which are vital, as the backup communication system if one exists, the power consumption, the operation after power outage, the functions of exit arming, stay arming and silent-loud panic.

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