ADPRO technology, the safe perimeter security solution for large spaces!


Netizen Security with its expertise applies the last 2 years the ADPRO by Xtralis technology in large projects, often under severe conditions, such as high temperatures, high winds, humidity, dense vegetation, guaranteeing although 100% reliable and effective solutions. 


Adpro by Xtralis detectors are truly the most reliable solution for perimeter coverage connecting with alarm panels of all manufacturers. Specifically the Adpro by Xtralis detectors have the following characteristics: The lowest rates of false alarms (Zero false alarms). Remote access for easy configuration and management of the detector (via databus). Unique feature of protection from sabotage, which detects changes in the alignment of the detector. 4 meters of mounting height for minimum risk of vandalism and great height.

Built-in basis of wall mounted setting. Big power fluctuation range from 10.5 to 30 V DC or 24 V AC (auto-detect). Low installation and maintenance costs. Integration with FastTrace products and Heitel camdisc for remote management and videoanalytics. Wireless detectors where necessary in order to achieve zero installation cost.

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